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Help Shape Your Future by Choosing the Right Insurance Company

You need a specialist to insure you know and understand how Medicare works and if you need supplemental coverage. For decades the people at Medicare Insurance Solutions have practiced the consultative approach of educating our clients on the Medicare Products:

  • Part A & Part B - Hospital and Medical Insurance
  • Part C - Medicare Advantage
  • Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

We know if you understand the Medicare products, you also know if we can help you with:

  • Medicare Supplement/MediGap Insurance

Medicare is a health insurance program from the federal government administered by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Medicare is generally available to anyone 65 or older and to those under 65 with certain disabilities.

You may choose to get your Medicare coverage two ways:

Original Medicare

Customer Benefits

In addition to ensuring the proper coverage is in place, we also can answer any questions you may have regarding cost, benefits, portability and beneficiaries.


If you have an interest in joining the Medicare Insurance Solutions, please use the Agent Application Form and we will contact you for further information.