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Medicare Plan Information

Part A - Hospital Insurance

  • Hospital insurance that helps with inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility care (rehab only), hospice and home health care.
  • The deductible for Part A during 2018 is $1,340.
  • There is no cost for Part A if you paid Medicare taxes at least 40 quarters while working.
  • Part B - Medical Insurance

    • Medical insurance that helps with medically necessary doctor services and outpatient care. Also covered are preventive services to help you maintain your health and keep illnesses from getting worse.
    • The deductible for Part B during 2018 is $183. Medicare will pay 80% of medically necessary health care after you pay this deductible and you will be responsible for the other 20%.
    • If you donít sign up for Part B when you are first eligible (Initial Enrollment Period), you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty.
    • The cost for Part B is based on your income. In 2018 the monthly premium is $134.00 This amount may be higher based on your taxable income. The IRS makes that determination. (see chart below) and is deducted from your Social Security benefit. If you are not receiving your benefit, you will be billed quarterly by the SSA.
    • Part C - Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO or PPO)

      • Part C is health care coverage such as an HMO or PPO offered by private insurance companies.
      • It replaces Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
      • MA is available to those who are enrolled in Part A and B of Medicare, live in the MA planís service area, and do not have End-Stage Renal Disease.
      • Most MA plans include Part D prescription drug coverage.
      • If you enroll in a MA plan you will pay co-pays and/or coinsurance for most services.
      • Members must generally stay within a network of doctors and hospitals.
      • MA plans have a yearly out-of-pocket maximum, excluding drug coverage.
      • Generally, you may only join or terminate a MA plan at certain times during the year. (Initial Enrollment Period, Annual Enrollment Period, Special Enrollment Period)
      • Some MA plans have a $0 monthly premium. Regardless of the MA planís premium, you are still responsible for paying your Medicare Part B premium.
      • You cannot have both a MA plan and a Medicare Supplement plan. You cannot have both a MA plan and a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan.
      • Part D - Prescription Dug Coverage (Optional)

        It is very important to be informed about adding prescription drug coverage to your Medicare Supplement. PDP plans are available through private insurance companies under contract with Medicare. If you do not have prescription drug coverage from your current or former employer or through Part C (MA) coverage, you should consider enrolling in a PDP plan as soon as you are eligible.

        • Offered to everyone on Medicare Part A and/or B.
        • Even if you are not taking many prescriptions, you should consider enrolling in a PDP plan to avoid a late enrollment penalty. If you have drug coverage elsewhere, such as through a group plan, VA, or other credible coverage, you may forego PDP coverage. You may then enroll in a PDP plan at a later time with no late enrollment penalty. You may enroll in a PDP plan during the following periods: Initial Enrollment, Annual Enrollment, Special Enrollment Periods.
        • Determine the best PDP plan for you according to the medications you take and the pharmacy you use by visiting or contacting one of our agents for assistance.
        • Your monthly premium varies by PDP plan. If your income is above a certain limit, you will pay an extra amount in addition to your PDP plan premium. The extra amount is usually deducted from your Social Security benefit or paid to Medicare, not to your PDP plan.
        • You may change your PDP plan each year during the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 Ė Dec. 7 for a January 1 start of the next year).

          Supplemental Insurance

          • A Medicare Supplement policy is purchased in addition to Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
          • Medicare Supplement policies cover expenses from services covered by Medicare Parts A or B, such as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.
          • Medicare Supplement policies must follow federal and state laws. Insurance companies may only sell standardized policies which are identified by the letters A Ė N.
          • You have a one-time six month Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period which starts the first month you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. During this period you are guaranteed issue of a Medicare Supplement policy regardless of your health status.
          • Medicare Supplement policiesí costs may vary and will increase as you get older.
          • A Medicare Part D PDP plan must be purchased separately since drug coverage is not offered with any Medicare Supplement policy.
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