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About Medicare Plans

Our Agents Make Medicare Easy

The Medicare enrollment process can be confusing at first glance, but it is surprisingly simple. Our agents walk clients through all the various options and help them find the plan that best meets their individual needs.

Original Medicare

  • Part A Hospital Insurance
  • Part B Medical Insurance
  • Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance/MediGap

Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Part C - Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO or PPO)

Medicare is a health insurance program from the federal government administered by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Medicare is generally available to anyone 65 and older, or to those under 65 with certain disabilities.

About Our Agents

How We Help

The Right Medicare Plan

Finding the right medicare plan can be difficult. Our agents help clients find the perfect plan that meets all of their needs.

Understanding Medicare Options

Medicare doesn’t have to be confusing. Our agents help their clients understand the options available to them.

Changing Needs

As time goes on, needs change. Our agents help clients go through the process of making changes based on their new needs.

Updating Existing Plans

Our agents help clients that already have an medicare plan, but need to update it.

Agent Testimonials

Our Agents Love M.I.S.

Agents that work with us end up loving how easy we make it. By allowing agents to focus on helping clients find the right medicare plan, they are able to earn more and spend less time finding leads.

Agent Opportunities

Nancy N.

MIS Agent

I am so glad I joined Medicare Insurance Solutions six years ago. It has provided me with the income and lifestyle I want. I am free from the hard work of finding my own leads. I decided to pursue insurance late in life, and once I joined this team, I've never looked back. Medicare Insurance Solutions has kept every promise made to me. I am in charge of my schedule, and I can work as many or as few hours as I choose.( And the people I meet regularly ask me to pass along compliments to the staff who booked the appointments). There are no "hard sales" or scare tactics to create enrollments, no staff meetings that try to whip you into a frenzy to sell, just plain, old fashioned personal attention to give your clients that you can do at your own pace. I love it.

Robert D.

MIS Agent

If I could choose one word to describe my experience with MIS it would be "Rewarding". Working with MIS has provided me with great financial rewards. Perhaps more important is the but tremendous sense of satisfaction that you get when you help someone navigate the confusing maze of Medicare. MIS gives me the opportunity to truly serve others. They conduct business with honesty And integrity. I consider it a blessing to be associated with MIS.

Career Opportunities

Join Our Team

Working at Medicare Insurance Solutions is a rewarding and gratifying career choice. Benefits include: